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tww_icons's Journal

West Wing Icons!
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to the community dedicated to posting and sharing icons of the NBC hit drama The West Wing! When you post, please mention whether your icons are up for grabs or display only.


1. Be nice. NO flaming or any of that jazz.

2. Observe the rules posted by whomeever makes the icons.

3. plz do not type like this. its hard 2 read & understand. thx.

4. When posting more than four icons, please use the lj-cut tag. Some people have slow connections, and it's a drag to load tons of icons.

5) No stealing icons! If you're going to take someone's icon, comment and tell them. If you're going to take someone's icon and pass their work off as your own, you'll be removed from the community.

6) PLEASE do not post spoilery icons or hint at spoilers in your posts -- or at least, place spoilers behind an lj-cut tag and a warning. Please respect that many members of this community would like to stay spoiler-free.

Above all else, have fun and make lots of pretty TWW things! :)